The Rhode Island Trucking Association, Inc. (RITA) is a chartered, non-profit organization whose membership is made up of owner-operators; fleet owners; private and for-hire motor carriers; and allied industries including manufacturers, dealers, service stations and suppliers.
Since 1931, RITA has represented and promoted all motor carrier interests on the state level. RITA, the only statewide trucking association, has been a member of the American Trucking Association (ATA) since 1944.

RITA represents the interests of its membership on both the local and national stages.  With the support of our membership, we fight legislation detrimental to our industry and seek to develop and introduce positive initiatives that serve both trucking/transportation and public interest.  RITA was instrumental in fighting "independent contractor" legislation; a transportation and warehousing tax; and, most recently, Rhode Island's truck-only tolls. (In the lawsuit brought by the ATA and two motor carriers, a federal judge ruled decisively on September 21, 2022 against Rhode Island's truck only tolls, calling them "unconstitutional".) 

As the exclusive Rhode Island affiliate of the ATA, RITA has a strong partner at the federal level, yet charts its own course on matters of local interest that may not align with the national position. The Policies and Operations of RITA are set and governed by a Board of Directors elected annually from and by the membership.
The Rhode Island Trucking Association concerns itself with promoting safety on our highways and cooperates with other safety organizations. In 2018, there were no fatal accidents in Rhode Island involving a commercial vehicle which, by available data, is a notable first.

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"The mission of the Rhode Island Trucking Association is to enhance the motor carrier industry's image, efficiency, and productivity through promoting highway safety, providing valuable information and educational programs, and ensure that our voices are heard in legislative matters."

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About Us