Pawtucket, Rhode Island - In a letter to the Federal Highway Administration, the Rhode Island Trucking Association (RITA) has communicated grave concerns about a misleading new yellow sign, "No Trucks", added to the green guide signs on Route 95 North and South for Exit 14.

This sign presumably pertains to the weight restriction recently placed on a Route 37 bridge.  The restriction, posted without public notification on October 11, lowered the maximum vehicle weight to 16 tons.  Trucks up to 32,000 pounds are still permitted to traverse this bridge.

"No trucks means no trucks," emphasized RITA President Chris Maxwell.  "This is a clear contradiction to the 16-ton posting of the bridge itself.  You cannot deter all trucks when there still exists and allowable weight of which many carriers are running at or under."

The yellow “No Trucks” sign itself is contradictory and overly-broad as it pertains to the bridge posting.  

In its letter to Carlos Machado, the Division Administrator of the Rhode Island office of the Federal Highway Administration, RITA has requested that this inaccurate signage be addressed and corrected immediately.

"This action by RIDOT serves to unnecessarily impede commerce during an unprecedented slowdown of the supply chain," stated Maxwell.  "A very high frequency of commercial vehicles under 16 tons operate on this section of Route 37, many of which serve Rhode Island TF Green International Airport.  Local and out of state carriers, as well as local businesses, need accuracy in such messaging, rather than contradictory and broad-sweeping closures, to maximize consistent delivery of goods."

October 27, 2021

Link to Letter

RIDOT Effectively Closes Exit 14 to All Trucks with Overly Broad, Inaccurate Sign on Interstate 95